Felix Marcilhac’s passion for the decorative arts begun with a sculpture of Gustave Miklos, purchased in Paris in 1967. Two years later he opened his cabinet d’expertise at 8 Rue de Bonaparte in the prestigious Parisian sixth arrondissement. And it is at that very address that his daughter Amelie Marcilhac took up the torch.


Internationally renown specialist Felix Marcilhac is the author of numerous catalogues raisonnées on various subjects. In the subject of glass: the one of René Lalique and Maurice Marinot, in the subject of sculpture: the one of Chana Orloff, Edouard Marcel Sandoz and Joseph Csaky. in interior design:  the one of André Groult and the Maison Dominique,, in painting : the one of Paul Jouve and Jacques Majorelle and finally the catalogue raisonnée of coppersmith Jean Dunand.


Amelie Marcilhac has been working by her father’s side since 2009. The publication of her book about the work of Marcel Coard (published by Editions de l’Amateur in 2012) has heightened her interest in the decorative arts of the XXth century.

In 2014 Felix Marcilhac retires putting his impressive collection on sale at Sotheby’s. Amelie Marcilhac alongside fellow specialists from Sotheby’s and Artcurial prepared the sale‘s catalogue. It is then that he handed over the reigns to his daughter remaining however her counsel.